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About Me

About Me

Please contact me at dckb40@hotmail.com regarding any requests for use of photos.

I would ask that you please not use my photographs without my consent and also please do not ask for use of them without fair compensation. I spend a huge amount of personal funds and time away from my young family for my passion that is photography. Thank you very much in advance for your consideration.

I’m the quiet, shy girl next door in the baseball cap that is happiest bushwacking through devil’s club, scrambling over rock, sliding down snow into ice cold tarns or huffing and puffing as I crest that last ridge before a stunning mountain vista. Now put a camera in my hands and all that pain and suffering was absolutely worth it if I can capture even just a fraction of that beauty in my magic box and bring it home with me.

When I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1994 from Nova Scotia, I was immediately smitten with the nearby mountains and abundant wilderness. My love for photography was born as a means to share my hiking experiences and explorations with friends and family. Over the years this combination of passions has become very intoxicating and I can’t live without a frequent fix.

I cherish my time in the mountains because hiking and photography gives me a chance to stop and smell the alpine flowers. The photos that hang on my walls and are displayed on my computer play a big part in keeping me grounded in my hectic day-to-day life. They remind me of the simple things in life that many take for granted.

I have purposely displayed large photos so that you the viewer could enjoy the smallest details in every photo. My hope was for you to walk through the wilderness beside me, stop and smell those alpine wildflowers and lastly to inspire you to plan your own adventures.

I also create humerous short videos of my experiences in the mountains. Check them out!